Wealthy celebs with surprisingly cheap engagement rings

It’s no secret that celebrities and notable figures in Hollywood — and even within the business world — have a ridiculous amount of cash. once you check out the garments they wear, the homes they sleep in, and therefore the cars they drive it becomes painfully obvious that just about everyone in Hollywood has a lot of cash. due to that, most celebrity engagement rings tend to be a tad over the highest and sometimes accompany a tag that might make most of the people gasp. as an example, Jennifer Lopez’s ring from Alex Rodriguez cost an estimated $1.8 million, consistent with Vogue.

For tons of individuals, that’s extra money than they’ll ever see in their lifetime. Even with Lopez’s staggering net worth of $400 million, consistent with Celebrity Net Worth, that’s tons of cash. Additionally, there are many celebrities who have talent, fame, and riches and still prefer to keep things simple when it involves engagement rings. Sure, they will afford to be flashy, but that does not mean they need to be flashy. In fact, there are quite a few wealthy celebs with surprisingly cheap engagement rings, all of which are still perfectly tasteful.

Amy Adams’ engagement ring is simple and sweet

Amy Adams is one of the foremost celebrated and talented actors in Hollywood. Adams has starred in such smash hits as American Hustle, Arrival, and Enchanted, and her talent seemingly knows no bounds. Though Adams has received many accolades and has been nominated for Academy Awards, that does not mean she likes to flaunt her success. Adams may need much money, recognition, and talent, but she doesn’t seem to love flashy things, especially when it involves engagement rings. consistent with Celebrity Net Worth, Adams features a net worth of about $60 million, which is not any small number.

However, despite her large net worth, Adams doesn’t flaunt an enormous rock on her finger. In fact, consistent with Us Weekly, Adams’ ring is one among the littlest celebrity rocks out there at only one carat. Of course, the ring remains gorgeous, but, once you believe the very fact that celebrities like Beyoncé wear rings with 24-carat diamonds, Adam’s rock seems small and cheap. Of course, it’s pretty charming that Adams doesn’t feel the necessity to wear an enormous rock.

Courteney Cox’s engagement ring is unique and low-key

Everyone recognizes Courteney Cox from her iconic role as Monica Gellar on the hit show Friends. Cox has found plenty of success in Hollywood, even beyond Friends, as she went on to star in Cougar Town. And with all of her success, Cox, who has undergone a shocking transformation over the years, has also amassed a fantastic net worth. consistent with Celebrity Net Worth, Cox features a net worth of $150 million. tons of that cash came from her time on Friends, during which Cox was a neighborhood of 1 of the simplest Friends couples and, as Celebrity Net Worth reports, Cox earned about $90 million as her base salary.

Still, Cox doesn’t wear all of her money on her annualry. In 2014, Cox got engaged to Johnny McDaid, and her ring is really three different-shaped diamonds on a clear band, consistent with Glamour. the larger a diamond is, the costlier it’s — that’s just how the diamond industry works. So, albeit a gold ring could be covered in tiny diamonds, a hoop with a solitaire stone of greater weight remains worth more. because the diamonds on Cox’s rings aren’t that big, it is often assumed that her ring — while extremely unique and lovely — wasn’t too expensive. At least, in comparison to other celeb engagement rings.

Julia Stiles’ engagement ring is small but gorgeous

Back within the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s, Julia Stiles was a staple within the world of teenage rom-com. Having starred in iconic films like 10 Things I Hate About You and therefore the Prince & Me, Stiles made her mark on Hollywood and therefore the film scene. With all her acting credits, Stiles has an estimated net worth of $12 million, consistent with Celebrity Net Worth, which definitely isn’t small change.

All that cash aside, Stiles’ ring still isn’t exactly all that expensive. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Stiles got engaged to boyfriend Preston J. Cook in 2016, and therefore the actress shared the happy news with a sweet photo on Instagram, showing off her new bling. “Best Christmas Ever!” Stiles captioned the photo of her hand intertwined together with her partners, featuring a round diamond on a clear, gold band. Of course, the ring is gorgeous, but it doesn’t look to be much larger than one carat, which is certainly small — and doubtless relatively cheap — for a star with Stiles’ net worth.

Christina Ricci has a classic engagement ring that isn’t too big

Hollywood darling Christina Ricci is not any stranger to the glitz and glamour of being a star. The actress, who has been starring in movies and tv shows since 1990, is well-known for her roles within the 1991 beloved classic The Addams Family, also because of the 1995 film Casper. Ricci has been acting for therefore long that it’s no wonder her net worth is an estimated $18 million, consistent with Celebrity Net Worth.

Nevertheless, having all that fame and fortune doesn’t seem to possess messed with Ricci’s head all that much. In 2013, Ricci got engaged to boyfriend James Heerdegen, consistent with People. it had been clear that Ricci was happy crazy, and she or he definitely seemed to be more concerned together with her relationship than with rocking an enormous diamond. In fact, consistent with InStyle, Ricci’s ring was relatively low-key: an easy three-stone ring with no huge, flashy diamond. Ricci’s ring is straightforward and stylish and doubtless didn’t cost a huge amount as compared with other celeb rings.

Keira Knightly’s engagement ring is small, considering her worth

Keira Knightly has starred during a number of giants, blockbuster films, including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and therefore the holiday classic Love Actually, which featured tons of things people just ignore. Of course, Knightly has also worked on a variety of other films, but she’s definitely famous for those exemplary roles. As popular because the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was — and as cherished as Love Actually is among Christmas-movie fanatics — it should be no surprise that Knightly has quite a pretty penny to her name. consistent with Celebrity Net Worth, Knightly’s personal net worth is valued at $60 million, so clearly Knightly is doing well for herself.

Knightly became engaged to her husband, James Righton, in 2012, as reported by Glamour, and fans eagerly awaited to ascertain what the star’s rock would appear as if. Well, Knightly’s ring was elegant, a bit like her, though it had been also pretty simple. consistent with Marie Claire, the ring features a round diamond on a clear, gold band, a far cry from another celebrities’ giant, blinding ring. It’s hard to mention the precise size of Knightly’s ring, but it’s never as expensive as people may have expected.

Anna Paquin’s engagement ring was an economical choice

While most celebrities and even members of the royalty tend to choose a classic diamond for a ring, there are a couple of that prefer a more unique stone. as an example, Kate Middleton’s ring from Prince William was a shocking 12-carat sapphire, which definitely wasn’t inexpensive. However, certain gemstones are far cheaper than diamonds and make a cheap choice surely couples.

One such couple that took advantage of a cheap gemstone to require center stage on a ring was Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. truth Blood co-stars aren’t lacking in money. Paquin features a net worth of $14 million, while Moyer’s rings in at around $10 million, consistent with Celebrity Net Worth. Still, the couple opted for a less expensive ring once they got engaged in 2009. consistent with Glamour, Paquin’s ring features a moonstone rather than a diamond. Additionally, Glamour reported that moonstones can run as cheap as $7 for a 3.7-carat rock. Clearly, these celebs didn’t want to travel crazy when it came to a ring, and that is pretty cool.

Michelle Obama kept her small engagement ring for years

As the former First Lady of us, Michelle Obama is certainly a household name. As such, it might be understandable that she wouldn’t exactly be worried about money. additionally to her husband’s eight years within the White House, Michelle was an attorney for several years, making her estimated net worth of $70 million totally believable, consistent with Celebrity Net Worth. Of course, it is not just her fortune that creates her so beloved amongst many Americans. The Obamas’ happy relationship and marriage have been called “relationship goals” by many, and therefore the incontrovertible fact that Michelle Obama chose to stay her first ring is simply one reason.

Yes, Obama chose to carry on to her original ring from her husband, Barack Obama, for quite a while. consistent with Us Weekly, Obama didn’t update her ring until 2017, when she upgraded to a more blinged-out set. Still, it’s sweet that she chose to carry onto her simple solitaire diamond for therefore long. The ring likely holds sentimental value for the Obamas, who married in 1992, so she probably didn’t really care what proportion the first ring was worth.

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